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Success Stories

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I have been using MediTouch® products for 4 months. My response to the product has been phenomenal. I have used other products before such as Proactiv and also prescription drugs and ointments. None of these had the effects like the MediTouch® products. I’m one of those types that rush out the door and I often forget to use the products. 

However, I’ve still made progress in leaps and bounds. It leads me to believe that if I used the product at all necessary times my skin would be totally clear. I’ve suffered from acne since the 7th grade and I’m proud to say I’ll graduate this year with skin clearer than its been since then. I struggled for years with acne and used medications to combat it and finally I’ve found a winner with MediTouch® Clinical Skin Care.

Garrett Glasheen

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Before I began using MediTouch® products, my face was not properly taken care of and I was at the worse stage of acne as a teenager. My pores could be viewed from a distance; my face had zits that almost burned. Using make-up certainly did not help the fact that my skin was in dire need of help.

Once I began the regimen, instantly my friends and family could tell the difference. Now my face feels like it’s glowing. The products are very gentle on my face and get the job done. My pores are smaller, I have less breakouts, and there is hardly a need to wear make-up! It really has helped my self-esteem as well. I’m really glad I used the products and will continue to use them.

Tegan Silva

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I’ve been using MediTouch® Clinical Skin Care for the past 4 years because I will use this brand for a lifetime! Before the treatments my face was at its worst! You could hardly see my skin! I’d put loads of make-up on to try and disguise my face, but it didn’t help. Sometimes I’d be too ashamed of people seeing my face. But now after using the products my face has never been better! I can see and feel the difference. I rarely have any breakouts anymore, and now I get many compliments on my skin. MediTouch® Clinical Skin Care products really have changed my life!

Ariana Silva

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Before MediTouch® I had experienced the curse of acne. MediTouch® has helped wonderfully in a way that other products have not. After using many different soaps, facial scrubs, creams, and various types of medicine, the only thing that has shown improvement was MediTouch® products. The face wash works instantly and the serum formulas help reduce acne and blackheads, unlike most store bought treatments. Nothing else can begin to compare. There comes a few and MediTouch® is one of them.

Garrett Wade

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I have been using MediTouch® Therapeutic Wash (Beta Hydroxy Acid 2% Oil Free) for over 10 years. Due to the onset of adult acne, this product has been a blessing. It has controlled random breakouts and also kept my skin clear of excess oil. Refine Botanical Facial Scrub used in tandem with the acne wash produces wonderful results – giving you a renewed feeling of fresh and clean skin.

Clare Gist

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I have tried several different medications, washes, peels, etc. to try to clear my acne. When I started using the MediTouch® system I immediately noticed an improvement. I was also told my acne type and the best way to treat it. My skin isn’t perfect, but it looks the best it has since I started breaking out over 3 years ago.

Daniel Beck

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I have been using MediTouch® Clinical Skin Care products for about 3 months and the results are amazing! The products are easy and quick to use. They showed me how to use them and selected products that were best for my skin type. I plan to continue to use the products!.

Laura VanDyke

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I’ve been using the MediTouch® products for 8 months and can’t imagine using anything else! The results of using the Therapeutic Acne Wash and Azulene Green Tea Moisturizer are amazing. I especially appreciate the simplicity of the routine compared to other product lines.

Wendy Mendes

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I have seen a tremendous difference in my skin in the last year I have been using MediTouch® than I have with any other brand. I stopped using MediTouch® products for a few months and tried other products and started seeing my face go back to the primary stage. I’m so glad I’m back on track now. My skin looks beautiful! Thank you so much. I’ve tried everything and nothing has worked better than MediTouch®.

Christina Porter

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MediTouch® products for my face have helped even out my skin tone and replenish a glow that I have not seen in quite a while. I have referred friends and family for their skin care needs and will always continue to do so!

Jessica Bueno

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Neutrogena, Clinic, Dove Soap, Proactiv, alcohol, Retin-A…you name it, I’ve tried it and nothing I tried could combat my adult acne. At my wits end, I found MediTouch® and the products took ”my face on,” beat the acne and MediTouch® prevailed! I’m back to wearing minimal make-up and my confidence, once challenged, is back! In order to keep my skin in “check” I follow a daily application of acne wash, acne control lotion, azulene green tea moisturizer, and SPF 30. MediTouch®…my lifeline to perfect skin.

Tiffany Smith

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